This is a guest contribution from Blue Whale Moving Company in Austin, Texas.

Taking the plunge and moving in together is a big deal. You’re not only combining your lives, you’re also combining your living spaces. This means compromising on several things and blending both of your interior decorating styles together. Make the transition less stressful by following these decorating tips.

Set aside sentimental items

Decor that holds a special place in your heart or the heart of your significant other deserves a place in your home. You both should go through all of your items and pick out the things that mean the most to you and are on your “must-have” list when it comes to decorating. Once you’ve determined what those items are, you can decide where to place them together.

Mix masculine and feminine touches. 

No man wants to live in a super feminine home and no girl wants to live in a man cave. Finding an equal balance between feminine and masculine is very important to the overall design of the home. Masculine furniture, like leather, can be softened up with a floral-patterned pillow or plush throw. Elements of brass, wood, and chrome also lend a bit of masculinity to an otherwise feminine space.

Choose a color palette, and stick with it. 

Having a color palette that works together can make the whole house flow together nicely. If your space is more neutral- for instance, browns or grays- you won’t want the kitchen to be a bright yellow color. If one of you prefers neutral colors but the other prefers something a bit bolder, consider adding an accent wall in their preferred color to the office or painting a small bathroom in their favorite color.

Make your living space comfortable for both of you. 

A couple spends the majority of their time at home, so it should be a place where they both feel relaxed and at ease. The main living space should be set up to reflect this. If television is enjoyed by only one of you, consider placing it in the bedroom or a den. If one of you prefers to read, set up a reading nook nearby where you can escape for some quiet time while your significant other binge watches their favorite shows.

Start with a clean slate. 

Moving in together gives you both a chance at a fresh start. Purge decor that doesn’t have sentimental value so that you can instead decide on a style that is mutually agreed upon.

Remember to compromise and communicate. 

Two things that are essential in any relationship- no matter the situation- compromise and communication are key when decorating a home with your significant other.